Pinnacle National is pleased to announce its new administrative processing system for labor union benefit plan processing. With the needs of our labor partners in mind, our comprehensive system tied to a proprietary network system allows for complete view of overall benefit cost reduction. From routine wellness visit, diagnostic testing and through the overall care needs of Union members and their covered families Pinnacle National’s expansive network and effective processing allow for seamless access and extension of benefits of members while protecting ultimate claim exposure. With this integration, and the experience brought by the high level of patient care expected of our physician groups, Pinnacle expects to continue to provide our partners with more options for better care for their members and benefit expansion.

Pinnacle National stands ready to continue its reputation of excellence in this area bringing the best service to labor at a higher standard while protecting and expanding available benefits.

  • Locations for convenience across the state.
  • One stop for all Union members and their family's medical needs.
  • To our web based medical document management let's you have access to medical records 24/7.
  • Savings to the union through our negotiated fee for service agreements with medical providers.
  • Additional savings through our software and medical claims and record access applications helps eradicate duplicate billing.
  • Concierge service to help manage and schedule and coordinate all your appointments.

Provider Network:

With our Vast Network of doctors through out the country, all our union members and their families will get the care that they need.

Our solution

Our modern technology platform delivers cloud-based core administration (billing and claims) functionality to many of the insurance industry's largest and most respected insurance organizations. Designed for ease of use and maximum front-end configurability, and with 99% of clients running the most current version, Our solution is driving down costs, improving profitability, and powering insurance for today and tomorrow.


Available as a pre-integrated suite or as standalone components, provides proven core administration functionality and additional solutions for underwriting, premium accounting, document/content management, workflow, business process reporting (BPR), financial reporting and compliance management.


Drawing on the economies of scale offered by cloud, our solution can easily ramp up to handle increased processing needs during significant CAT events, annual renewal periods, and more.


Our solution ensures data security of personally identifiable information of policyholders, and near 100% uptime with guaranteed data redundancy, authentication standards, and the ability to set and customize authorization levels.

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Pinnacle National TPA is pleased to announce out administrative management module to better and effectively administrate and manage the healthbenefits for the union members...

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